Non-alcoholic Beer Pong Alternatives

1st Dec 2020

Non-alcoholic Beer Pong Alternatives

Beer pong isn't solely for young adults at a house party looking to get drunk! Beer pong is an entertaining game that can be played at home with the whole family; you just have to do it without the beer! Challenge your underage family members to one of these non-alcoholic beer pong alternatives and have an afternoon filled with laughter, joy, and a whole lot of fun.

Soda Pong

Got a bunch of teenagers looking to play? Instead of using alcoholic beverages, simply fill up the cups with soda. You can use a variety of different fun sodas or just one. The only issue with this is that by losing, they get rewarded with a sweet treat. If you want to teach them the true meaning of the game, you can use plain seltzer water. Most teens hate the taste and will quickly learn the importance of good aim.

Juice Pong

Juice pong is an excellent alternative to soda pong if you are looking for something with a little extra vitamin power and a bit less sugar. If you want to make it more interesting, use a variety of juices. You can have popular ones like orange and apple juice in addition to less popular ones like carrot, tomato, or prune juice.

Surprise Pong

Add mystery to the game with surprise pong! Fill each cup with a different mystery liquid, some delicious and some disgusting. For example, one cup could have Sprite, and the next could have balsamic vinegar. The group will have no idea what it is they get until it is time to drink!

Devil Pong

Similar to Surprise Pong, Devil Pong is its much meaner cousin. Instead of some cups being filled with a delicious option, they will ALL be utterly disgusting. We are talking mustard, vinegar, pickle juice, soy sauce, and more! The nastier the ingredient, the better. Newcomers to the game will quickly learn that losing comes with a consequence!

If you are feeling angelic that day, you can add a halo cup. This one cup will have something yummy, but that is it!

To amp up Devil Pong even further, you can label the cups with the ingredient so that the opposing teams can target specific cups to make their challengers suffer.

Water Pong

If you have little kids learning to play the game, you may want to avoid the liquids above as they may make the game messy or hype them up on sugar. If you are looking for a simple, little-kid-friendly alternative, water pong is the way to go. Playing water pong will teach them the fundamentals of the game, hydrate them, and have an easy to clean up mess if something spills.

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