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Winning Items To Eat At Your Next Tailgate.

Posted by Jay on 5th Feb 2016

Shari's Berries reached out to us with some interesting facts for the Super Bowl this week end. We decided it was information that had to be shared. Are you eating the most popular football food in your area? More importantly are you eating the winning food? What are the most popular football beers by state? Here are some interesting facts, neatly presented in easy to read pict …

Check us out on the Today Show!!

Posted by Jay on 1st Feb 2016

We feel like kids on Christmas morning! Never did we think we would make it onto national TV. NBC's the Today Show had a segment on cornhole, and they choose to use our boards on there set. We wanted to extend a big thank you to the Today Show. You can check out the video segment below. As always, thanks for reading and any …

How to Set Up and Play Cornhole

Posted by Jay on 10th Nov 2015

How far apart should my cornhole boards be? How many points do you get if you make it in the cornhole? I am going to answer all these questions and more. We include a set up and rules guide with every cornhole board set we ship out, this started due to the feed back from our customers. The first thing that has to be done is setting up the corn hole boards. This is simple …

Why building your own Corn Hole Boards is a bad idea

Posted by Jay on 1st Oct 2015

“Why would I buy a set of Corn Hole Boards, when I can build them myself?” Inevitably this question gets raised all of the time, and admittedly isn’t good for our business. While building a set of corn hole boards is not difficult, it is time consuming, and the raw materials can end up costing as much or more than a set made by a corn hole company. In the coming paragraph, …

Get the most out of your corn hole bags!

Posted by Jay on 15th Sep 2015

Making your corn hole bags last is just as simple as the corn hole boards, store them in a cool dry place. We recommend in a place that is harder for critters to get to (in a closet instead of the garage). There is nothing more frustrating than pulling bags out to play and finding out all the corn has been eaten out of them. Another trick I do is place my bags in the freez …