Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Program

Want to earn money by telling friends, family or anyone to buy products from our website?

Or perhaps you have a business and want to add Cornhole products to your lineup of products that you offer but don't want the risk, manufacturing concerns, shipping and admin headaches or responsibilities?

If you answer yes to either of the above questions... our affiliate program is for you!

If you are new to Affiliate marketing... and not sure what it is... at its core it's essentially where you give someone (either on your site, another site, your online store, via email or through other marketing techniques, etc.) a custom affiliate link that we will give to you and when your customer clicks on it... they will be taken to our website... where we will track that customer and any purchases that they make.

We handle everything from the time they hit our site and on through the shipping... and everything in between. And for that referral that you sent... you will earn a commission! Why not tell your friends, family, customers, etc. about this? It can be "easy money" for no risk and not a ton of work!

How much you do with us is up to you. You can just do something as easy as post the link and a blurb on your social media... or if you're feeling motivated... do ongoing full-on marketing campaigns and such. It's up to you - we don't hassle you or make demands on your time.



We offer a 10% commission on the products that a person that you sent to our website with your affiliate tag ends up purchasing from us and having their products shipped to a location based in the United States.

This is an easy and great way to monetize your relationships, business interests, content, etc. through affiliate links that we will give to you... and earn commissions on the sales that you refer!



Once you sign up and approved, we will provide you with your own dashboard that will give you your stats, show how much you have earned, marketing tips, etc.

Cornhole is very popular these days and only growing. Why not leverage your skills, talent, knowledge and/or community... to earn money by marketing in your spare time... a great product made by an USA based great company?



Click here and fill out the quick "application" where we will review it and if you're a "legitimate" person, a US Resident, based out of the United States and that we feel we can trust you to do right by us... you should get approved. Make sure you have an active PayPal account as that is how we will pay you for your earned commissions.

Most people who "apply" get approved. It can take up to 72 business hours to get that approval... and pay attention to your email inbox (and spam folder in case our emails go to there)... in case we have further questions or the more likely event that we will email you... telling you that you're approved. CLICK HERE to GET STARTED!


We have 5 webpages associated with this Affiliate program:

This page (the one you're reading now) which is an overview, the terms page and the "how to" knowledge page which gives instructions, tips and such for the program and the signup page which takes you to our proven 3rd party affiliate platform that we use for this program. There is also an "operating agreement" which can be clicked on when you're on the terms page.

Make sure that you read each page... and if you apply to become an affiliate of ours, it is understood and agreed upon that you acknowledge and agree with and to all of our terms on the affiliate terms page and that you will follow all of our guidelines, rules and policies in full.


If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to email the affiliate manager.


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