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Squared Washer Toss

These washer boards stack on top of each other and latch together for easy storage and transport. What are our Washer Toss boards made from? - Half inch premium plywood for the sides and frames - 4" PVC Hole - High quality black carpet Dimensions Of Product and Specs: - 16 x 16 x 4 inches - 4" height x 4" Diameter PVC hole - 2 boards and 6 washers - Latches and Handles for easy storage and transporting. Why - 100% satisfaction guarantee! - 100% best price guarantee! - 100% American made! - 500+ designs and variations to select from! - Custom Designed Boards Available! Phone: 1-844-289-3045 E-Mail: Website: If you don't see something you like and have a special request feel free to contact us! If you are located in Hawaii or Alaska PLEASE contact us before you order due to a Higher Shipping Rate.